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I have a partner controlled account for betting, she controls all deposits etc which has always worked great for me. Obviously because of this I deposit very rarely... however I do go on there most days messing about with anything "free" 

Then decided to look into the account the other day at the profit and loss, and was astounded by the amount I had gambled overall... luckily its with money that I never actually had, the amount I had deposited is less than 2% of what I have actually staked over the last 3/4 months.

Just shows you don't need to be even putting money on these accounts nowadays to carry on with the addiction.. you can carry on the addiction even with "free bets" ... the problem for me would be if the deposits increased etc.

Posted : 16th February 2024 6:48 am
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A surprising truth is that is that the addiction will take over you at some point. ...

just for today I won’t gamble, and appreciate that my morning coffee doesn’t talk back at me. 

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Posted : 17th February 2024 8:21 am

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