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Hi everyone, 

Welcome to the Forum’s new topic!  

We have heard your feedback, so we will be regularly posting new topics to give you the chance to reflect on your journey so far. We will be including content around topics such as gambling harms research, news articles, reflections from GamCare staff, and more. 

This week’s topic is “commitment”.  

When talking about recovery from gambling harms we often talk about commitment. This can be in many ways such as the commitment to attend support sessions, or to stick to our goals, or to our financial plans. All of these are different ways that we are making the commitment to change.  


Commitment in the recovery journey requires:  

  • Awareness: It involves recognizing a problem and deliberately attempting to change it. 
  • Patience: Rushing or taking shortcuts can hinder progress.  Take the time and work through the process gradually. 
  • Perseverance: It’s important to stay determined and not give up even when things don’t go as planned. 

( https://livewellandfully.com/commitment-in-recovery/ )


So, we want to hear your thoughts! 

How has commitment been a part of your story so far? 

How do you increase your commitment to changes? 

Are there any things you want to commit to? 

We would love to hear your reflections below. 


All the best, 


Online Peer Support Team  


Posted : 5th February 2024 11:00 am

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