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I gambled today after stopping for 14 days and I didn't even enjoy it, I didn't even lose that much money. I was gambling and I was thinking, whats the point. I have gambled on and off since I was 14, I am now 38. I' kind of feel relieved that I feel this way about gambling now. I usually atleast enjoy it at the time but I think im starting to hate it. I know if I carry on it will totally destroy my life and there are much more productive stuff that I can do with my life. I usually gamble every week and its £500 down the drain every time I go. I rarely win, I can count on one hand how many times I have won significant amount. I realise now that a person like me is not supposed to gamble, I hide it from my family and everything. Tommorow will be the start of my journey, I will not gamble anymore I'm more determined than ever to stop this addiction. The only thing I feel bad about at the moment, is not that i lost a bit of money, its that I actually gambled. I never felt like this before but I hate myself at the moment for letting myself down. But atleast now, I know that I've had enough and I can start with again with a clean slate 🙂 

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Posted : 16th May 2024 10:52 pm
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We stumble and fall but rise away from gambling standing tall. It's part of the road to recovery we have near missed a few little crashes but as long as we keep wanting to stop and get away from the addiction we are on the right road.

Use the tool provided on this site to help yourself and create barriers and blocks away from gambling.


Well done for doing 2 weeks, you got this with a fresh perspective and start again wiser




Just for today I will not gamble and enjoy pitta bread with cheese in while putting them in the toaster. 

Posted : 17th May 2024 3:10 am
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I was the same by the end of my gambling. I would almost feel a magnetic pull to drive to the bingo club. I would be telling myself to just turn around and go home and I knew the outcome would be the same - say I would only bet a small amount and then take my bank card ‘in case of an emergency “. The only emergency I would ever have was driving to the petrol station cash point if the one outside the club was broken.


 The relief I felt when I gambled for the last time on 22nd October last year was immense.


 The first few weeks were tough as my Saturday urges to go out hit me; however, I used the chat rooms here every night as well as putting the blocks in place.


 I also attended the Retreat and Counselling programme through Gordon Moody which was brilliant.


stay strong, and reach out to the chat rooms where you will find much encouragement and tips for staying stopped.



Posted : 17th May 2024 6:43 am
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You are exactly the same as me, I haven’t gambled for 5 weeks and I’m doing ok up to now, good luck in your recovery, I’m sure we can beat this 😁😁

Posted : 17th May 2024 2:37 pm
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Gamble free for about 5 years, relapsed for 2 months, now enough is enough. Self excluded from all my local betting shops, online blocker and looking forward to many more years of gamble free. It ruins lives! 

Posted : 14th June 2024 10:00 pm

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