Day 6 today

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Day 6 almost done . 
1week tomorow 

was feeling so irritated today was a tough day but didn’t gamble so I’m happy about that , gambling makes everything worse , worst day not gambling is still better than any day gambling . I have to remember gambling will not help me get out of gambling . 
There isn’t an amount that would ever make me walk away and never gamble again . Tomorow day 7 god willing . I appreciate everyone who replies Even if I don’t reply back every comment is greatly appreciated . 

Posted : 2nd December 2023 7:39 am
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Good morning Peter, seems like we are around the same stage of reaching out for help. It’s a major positive that you’ve realised that gambling won’t resolve any issue. For me gambling only causes more upset and anger to not just me but my family and loved ones too. My anxiety and stress levels have been through the roof this week but I’ve managed to keep my blockers on all accounts and stay focused and stayed positive. For me short term doesn’t seem an issue. Long term is my downfall and once the upset and anger is forgotten about I always relapse and find myself back at the bottom of the evil cycle. I’ve written on the forum myself and will keep it updated day to day and hopefully time will fly, the days will keep passing and my illness can be kept under control. 👍🏻👍🏻

Posted : 2nd December 2023 9:30 am
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I’m joining you on this journey!

10 year slot machine gambler, 5 years on Gamstop, recently lifted but put back on after a day. 
My recent gambling has been in bookies, because I always find a way to access money. 
I’ve now put all my cards/passport/photo ID in my partners safe so I have no access other than my Apple Pay, which has a gambling block in place. 

It’s that horrible niggling feeling ‘what if’ however it’s only ever resulted in more debt/stress and nothing to show for it. 

I think we all want to stop for good, and a good way of thinking about it is that gambling is something you want to do, but when you’re doing it you want to stop. You give up everything to do that one thing, however if you give up that one thing, you get everything back. 

best of luck everyone 

Posted : 4th December 2023 1:28 pm

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