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I only ever went to one GA meeting, that was in the summer of 2010 I am not sure of the month but I remember that it was in South Birmingham.

From what I remember the meeting was abit like the old Job Clubs of the 1990s and early 2000's. At the time I needed to talk over my issues with a group of experienced people who understood my problem and I sought help.

I will be honest and sat that I did not give GA a chance and would gamble for a further 12 years till July 2022. I fell into the trap at that time of thinking I could stop myself and that I did not need help. The reality Is that it is good and beneficial to not only seek out support but also give it a real chance, I would have stopped betting sooner had a given GA a chance. 

In 2023 I have learned that we have so many resources out there to help us, we have youtube, books not only physical but pdf, we have gamcare and also GA meetings. Much more than 2010 I think, It is worth giving it a real go and seeing if it works for you. I was not ready for it back then, had I taken part properly I would have stopped much sooner. 



Posted : 8th December 2023 2:54 am

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