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Tomorrow marks my 30th day GF. 
After 9 years of out of control gambling FB and close to 250k gambling loses, after several attempts of quitting for a few months at a time this has to be it. 

With the football season over it has helped me keep away from viewing fixtures and the odds. 
With 50k of current debt and paying £1400 a month on loans and credit cards, I have 3 years left to nail this addiction and be debt free. 

My mind is feeling positive after a tough first few weeks of going cold Turkey. 

I want to thank the people that always reply to me. Thank you 

Posted : 20th June 2024 9:20 pm
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Welldone 30 days is a great achievement keep pushing forward currently on day 346 been here once so it not my first attempt what worked for me is logging on here on a daily basis and accepting i am always going to be a gambling addicted i tried everything from lowering my stakes watching other people gambling and even down loading gambling games nothing worked as i relapsed the best way forward is not keep myself away from gambling avenue one bet is two many and each day brings a new challenge the days only mean i have abstained for a period of time it doesnt mean i am cured i will alway be gambling addict 

Posted : 20th June 2024 9:32 pm
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@tazman thanks Tazman. I always appreciate your replies and well done on the continued success.

Posted : 20th June 2024 9:38 pm
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Great effort. You have the same target as me. Debt free, happy life. That's all we all really want. Imagine the full and happy life we can lead when we are debt free and gamble free.

Stay strong 

Posted : 20th June 2024 9:40 pm
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@p6z38njbqm Thank you 👊 we can do this. Well done on your 84 days

Posted : 21st June 2024 6:25 am
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Well done King on your 30 days g.f. 👏👏👏👏. Before you know it, you will have clocked up another month! 💪💪.

keep going and enjoy.

Pink Lady. 🩷🍎.

Posted : 21st June 2024 10:15 am
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@j5a6meyr4z thank you for the support

Posted : 21st June 2024 10:24 am
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Well done King, I’m on 73 days but your debt and monthly outgoing are similar to mine. Depressing but hopefully overtime we will start to see the benefit.

Any GF day is a great one.

Posted : 21st June 2024 1:01 pm
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@g100 Great to hear from you and keep in touch. We can do this

Posted : 21st June 2024 5:36 pm
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Congratulations on reaching your 30-day milestone. That's a huge achievement, especially considering the challenges you are facing. It's great to hear that you're feeling positive and determined to stay on track. Keep focusing on your progress, and remember that every day you stay gamble-free is a step towards a brighter future. Have faith that you will succeed.

Posted : 21st June 2024 10:21 pm

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