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Good morning Everyone, 


Today marks a full month GF for me. 

Feeling amazing but must stay focused and disciplined to beat this. It’s a long road ahead for me until my debts can be paid off. 
One day at a time is the key to success. 

I will always be an addict but I am 3 years away from being debt free. 

Posted : 22nd June 2024 9:24 am
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Well done you should be proud of yourself , I'm 50 days gamble free now and never felt better . I still have urges now and then I recommend anytime you have urge log on here read sone stories.  This reminds you of why your doing this . Your debt will be paid off alot easier without this addiction crippling you. Well done and stay strong 

Posted : 22nd June 2024 10:22 am
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@blmd1psr5f many thanks for the reply. Well done on the 50 days 👊

Posted : 22nd June 2024 11:17 am

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