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Compulsive gambler for last 28 years.

This is a first time that I decided to stop gambling and its been 16 succesful day without any gambling at all for first time in my life

If you're reading this you probably came on the forum for the exact same reason WANT TO FINALLY STOP GAMBLING.

Maybe you relapsed in the past trying to stop but that's OK,I've been there few times in last few months but I didn't want to stop gambling for myself.I was always doing it for others.To satisfy other people around me,partner,family,friends etc.

Stop looking for satisfaction of others

Other people don't live your life 

Other people have their own problems to deal with

Other people care about your happiness?Less likely they have time to help you in any way.If they listen to your issues with gambling fair enough but they can't go truly deeply inside your mind and change your thinking towards the life.

Remember nobody at no point in life can help you with your addiction unless you truthfully look at your self in the mirror and say I don't want to live this life no more.I need changes and with immediate actions.

I would never ever say about myself that I make 3 or 5 or 7 days without gambling and here I am I passed 16 + days today without even single thought about gambling.Gambling has destroyed my life from roots,took everything I had even that little I had and put me to the breaking point in my life when I realised this is a lie.I am lying to myself.There is no winnings end at life of gambling addict.If you win you want to win more if you lose you want to win what you lost.This is never ending cycle of repeated behaviour that will eventually destroy you.

Be grateful for what you got in your life be thankful to God that you have food on the table roof over the head.

In those 16 days I didn't gamble i started paying my debts slowly and I still have money left at home for every day shopping.Smile on my face every single morning when I wake up that I am beating this evil thing is enormous.

First time happy in my life and I never ever touch gambling,scratchcards,Slots,sport betting none of it ever even if somebody offered me free play for thousand of pounds.That just hook you in nothing else.


Posted : 5th December 2023 10:06 pm
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that’s awesome but don’t get complacent this addiction is very very strong it can catch us when we least expect it , be ready for urges they will come . I’m on day 9 , we can do this 

Posted : 5th December 2023 11:32 pm
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Nothing would or could ever make me to go back to gambling Pete.

There is no way that I would ever touch any of it.

People who are on recovery like years and years and still attending meetings and making diaries they have other mental health issues to deal with it's nothing to do with gambling.

Insecurity low self esteem etc.

I am determined this is it and no-one or nothing could prove me wrong.

I set my mind being gambling free for life and thats it.

No thoughts I had lots of stress to deal with recently so what ?Turn to gambling ?

I would be the stupidest idiot in the world 

Posted : 5th December 2023 11:38 pm
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You will start to feel at peace with yourself and will not feel on edge etc, but 9 days is not long. I have not had a bet for over 15 months and I think it takes a good while to look in the mirror and be honest and say 'I do not need to have a bet'. 

You build your finances up, reduce your debt, protect your money, respect your money and your career. 

The easiest way ro fall off the wagon is to receive some bad news, please avoid this as it is an excuse. We all get bad news and bad times, but going back to bet only makes things worse. 

You will see big changes within 6 months if you stay stopped. I have achieved  many things in my life, my proudest moment is stopping gambling. When July 28th 2024 arrives I will be 2 years gamble free, if I can do it anybody can.


Posted : 6th December 2023 2:17 am
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@wbr9jcpn3y Am on day 161 g/f and the longest i have managed is just under 3 years, i do agree with you on the gamble free thing as i do know someone personally who has managed 15 years without a bet, and he was a compulsive gamblier for 10 years prior in his case was after his mum passed away he had made a promise to his mother and he just quit cold turkey to honour her whereas me on the other hand have had a fair few relapses on the way and i am hopeful this is my last relapse however i realise i cannot be too content and i need some kind of on going therpy am more then detertmined to stay clean but if u can manage to stay clean i wish you luck

Posted : 18th December 2023 12:08 am

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