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hi all, I’m new to this site as its finally time to get help.


I started gambling over a year a go when it was introduced to me by a new partner. It quickly got out of control, and added to my debts I already had. 

Luckily a family member paid my debts and I pay them back monthly. However now I’m back in the same situation with debt and possibly more than before… 

I feel very ashamed and like I’m letting myself and everyone down. 

Although people around me are aware of my addiction, they don’t know the full extend of it. 

I have just recently come clean to my partner but we are yet to have a full conversion about it. 

I already self excluded in September 2023 but started using non uk sites… 

Not sure what I’m wanting to achieve from posting this… maybe some advise from people either in a similar situation or that can give me any 


thanks 🙂 

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Posted : 14th May 2024 7:06 pm
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Welcome to GamCare Forum. Well done for taking this step to join us for further support and thank you for contributing. 

You're not alone with this– for an in-depth chat to and discuss ongoing support options to help you personally please reach out to our HelpLine on 0808 8020 133 and our 1:1 Livechat both open 24 hours every day.

Take Care,

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Posted : 14th May 2024 10:26 pm
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Well done for making you're first post and opening up, join the chats and read other people's stories each day and they can help and be very relatable to what you are going through. 

If you do get the chance, head to a physical GA meeting which is another good way of getting support and understanding.


Anyways good luck on you're recovery journey, you are not alone! 



Just for today I will not gamble, and use my toast to butter

Posted : 15th May 2024 12:23 am
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@63awh9vmgb  Evening Eg

Great that you have started to speak out that is an important start in your recovery. Being honest with your partner as well is key I think as it shows commitment to change.

My son gambled for 9 years and spiralled beyond belief, but there is a lot of help out there and Gamcare have an array of advice and community at hand to help.

Bank blocks are really good and many banks particularly Monzo have effective bank blocks on transactions linked to gambling. It put a gaps inbetween the urge to gamble. Here's the link for you.

Hope you do well in finding the right support for you and remember that your partner can get help too as an affected other as well

Best Wishes 



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Posted : 15th May 2024 7:28 pm

We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can also contact us for free on 0808 80 20 133. If you would like to find out more about the service before you start, including information on confidentiality, please click below. Call recordings and chat transcripts are saved for 28 days for quality assurance.

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