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Just wanted to put my thoughts out there. I've rode high on wins and had some lows. But I genuinely have hit the bottom today.

As it stands, I've been gambling on and off for years. I did have a big break from it after I stopped working in the betting industry. It used to be losing a 5 pound bet would devastate me, now I can lose hundreds without batting an eye.


I've been through a rough few months where I got sacked from my job and have been making ends meet by gambling and winning just enough to get me through the day. It's all came to a head today when I've spunked money that I'm now at a point that I cannot afford to lose this. My savings have whittled down from about 10000 this time last year, to just short of 2000 now and this 2000 has to last me until payday in July (starting a new job) Not the end of the world but to me it's gonna be a struggle. My rent is due in June then it's see how long I can last.


I've kept this from my partner and I feel awful for doing so. She's amazing and idolises me, if I were to let slip that I've lost all this money gambling, my life would not be worth living. I would end it before she does that.

I've finally decided to use the tools available and am going to Gamstop today. I won't exclude from my local bookmakers as it's online gambling that is my hook, I rarely if ever go into a betting shop.


I am in a period of self loathing, I really hate myself at the moment. I used to be able to bet small amounts for fun but I've truly gone overboard and have left myself in a sticky situation.

I have applied for a credit card to cover myself for a few months, but as I'm going to use Gamstop, I will not be using it for gambling. Today is the first day of me never gambling again, and I'll stick to it for good.

Posted : 15th May 2024 7:56 pm
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Straight away your leaving yourself open to gamble . You've said you'll not exclude yourself from bookmakers. Ask yourself why? This is your brain telling you it's OK to go in there every now and then . Trust me there's no reason why you shouldn't exclude yourself from bookmakers 

Posted : 16th May 2024 5:49 am
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I'm in the same position losing hundreds on slot machines.

Posted : 16th May 2024 6:56 am
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@blmd1psr5f whereas I do agree with your sentiment, going into the bookies really isnt something I've ever done, it's the instant nature of online slots that got me gripped. Mainly roulette and blackjack. The fobts don't really attract me and I don't place typical bets. I do appreciate you taking the time to message me though, means a lot.

Posted : 16th May 2024 7:34 am
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Self exclude using the moses from all bookies arcades and casinos too .just doing it half baked doesn't work.i wish you well 

Posted : 16th May 2024 8:46 am
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You need to close all those doors. You may have a problem with slot machines now and don’t want to do that anymore, but if you want to gamble, you’ll find a different way and it will happen. 
it’s all or nothing for a compulsive gambler. I only ever gambled on Facebook, but I’ve self excluded from everything, just in case. 

Wishing you luck on your recovery 

Claire x

Posted : 16th May 2024 9:18 am

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