Amazing how short our memories as gamblers are

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Hi all.

Just a quick post, it's funny and yet so upsetting that how quick we are to shake off the feeling of loses and the feelings of devastation after our gambling sessions.

For instance I posted recently about how much trouble gambling had caused me and the missed rent and bills payments etc, and now 1 day before payday getting that urge to gamble thinking how stress free and fun it wound be.

My bills have been calculated much and now that my pay slips arrive 1 day before I get paid those who are award of my gambling issue and helping look after my money, they know exactly what I am getting paid exactly what I have to pay out and exactly what's going to be left and to then structure to a daily budget lunch travel etc, anything else needed will be purchased accompanied by receipts.


Day 17 gamble free 


Posted : 27th February 2024 5:15 pm
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You need to remember everyday how soul-crushing the losses are. I have been gf for almost 2 months and I am still as hurt as the day i lost everything

Posted : 28th February 2024 12:16 am
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Please remember how easy life was before all the debt and lies. Don't you just want to live a normal life? Use your money to buy little luxuries, go on holiday and treat urself? You won't ever have that life if you gamble it away! Stay strong and know good days are coming. Distract urself with binge watching a comedy series or something until it passes. Speak to a counseller or a trusted friend. Don't let the demons win x

Posted : 28th February 2024 8:40 am
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Hi all. Your post took me back to myself 3 years ago I couldn’t sleep my diet was lethal and I disconnected from family and close friends 

After a medical my stats were dreadful and a ticking time bomb it was reading all the inspirational posts on here that initially made me contact my family and my bank to total restrict my financial decisions 

Once the tap had been turned off  after about a month of cold turkey I finally woke up and have been trying to help others since hopefully with some success   

Cheers everyone 

Posted : 28th February 2024 4:36 pm

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