Amazing how short our memories as gamblers are

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Hi all.

Just a quick post, it's funny and yet so upsetting that how quick we are to shake off the feeling of loses and the feelings of devastation after our gambling sessions.

For instance I posted recently about how much trouble gambling had caused me and the missed rent and bills payments etc, and now 1 day before payday getting that urge to gamble thinking how stress free and fun it wound be.

My bills have been calculated much and now that my pay slips arrive 1 day before I get paid those who are award of my gambling issue and helping look after my money, they know exactly what I am getting paid exactly what I have to pay out and exactly what's going to be left and to then structure to a daily budget lunch travel etc, anything else needed will be purchased accompanied by receipts.


Day 17 gamble free 


Posted : 27th February 2024 5:15 pm
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Hello Robert

Thanks for sharing this.

It sounds like you’re doing really well in noticing your thoughts and feelings since you stopped gambling.

It’s very helpful to recognise that you were having an urge to gamble just before pay day. Gambling behaviour can become well-learned and almost automatic but you were able to stop and think before acting on the urge. You were even able to notice specific thoughts such as how stress free and fun it would be. When you’re able to do this, you can then start to ‘balance out’ those thoughts and remember the feelings of devastation that you mention.

Others reading your post will be able to relate to your experience of shaking off the negative impacts of gambling. It’s a natural human experience to focus on certain positive memories. This again is where it is good to build up enough awareness to enable you to take appropriate and early action when this comes about. And it sounds like you’re doing this well with managing your finances with the help of others!

I hope you can continue to use this space for such reflections and well done for being over 17 days gamble-free.

All the best


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Posted : 6th March 2024 5:05 pm

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