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Id like to start this thread for all those wishing to improve their health and namely lose weight to improve bmi and blood pressure to help us live longer and a more rich life away from health issues.....


Lids and faith said in chat tonight they were thinking of starting a whatsapp group for it.....but i feel gamcare chat thread is just as good to keep up to date with how everyone is doing and to push ourselves towards our goals.


If your goal is to lose weight or eat better or run further this is the thread for u....


Please start with telling us a bit about yourself, why u came to gamcare and what you would like to gain from the first month of being on gamcare and this thread.....


Im Adam ive been on gamcare since 2015 and i came here a very overweight, smoker with a drinking and gambling problem..... It took me a breakdown in 2018 to finally realise that for me the only way to suceed was to stop all vices.  This took a great deal of change for me but i stopped one thing at a time and gradually got them all stopped.


I've not partaken in any vices including gambling since december that feels great to say.


Now ive spent the last two years working on my weight and its fluctuates hugely and to no real correlation....For example I exercised lots and ate healthy and dieted for a month and gained half a kilogram to come in at 91 kilos....then last week i sat on sofa done no exercise apart from work, ate ten packs of crisps over the weekend and way myself tonight and im 89.75 kilos eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey unbelievable i know....


So my diet will be solely crisps from now on lololololol 


My ultimate goal is to not be overweight on the bmi this would be me weighing 80 kgs or i cant see this ever happening but its a goal......


For this first month i would like to weigh and stay at that on 89 kilos or under........


by end of feb....


In order to bo this....ill go for walks at weekends.  ill do 15 mins of exercise vid each day when i get back from work after a sit down coffee.......


I ll aim to eat more eggs, porridge and pasta all great more energy....


Any tips anyone has pop in thread....the more the merrier on here.....


Lets do this lets make 2024 that great year we achieved our dreams.


Adam xxx

Posted : 22nd January 2024 10:22 pm
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Where fitness is concerned there needs to be less talking and more doing

You can't talk your way into losing 2 stone you get down the gym and burn the calories all the goodwill in the world won't beat it 

One month is nowhere near enough you need 6 months of consistent healthy eating , sleep , low stress and gym 

then you will lose the weight you want too 



Posted : 22nd January 2024 10:45 pm
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I find if I'm not alone blackjack, if I join forces on here, on gamcare, I can do anything.


I agree it's about doing.


First month for me I've aimed to lose 0.75 kgs


I don't think that's over the top.


It's just the first month of many.


All the best adam

Posted : 22nd January 2024 11:46 pm
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Hi ! I have been a gym rat since 14 Dec and I havent lost any weight. I havent really cut out junk food. I eat it but not all the time. I feel good but I havent lost weight. I think I have properly lost inches. I am in the gym atleast 6 sometimes 7 days a week for 2 hours. I have come to enjoy lifting weights. I just wish I could stop the gambling. It is really bad. Even when I have only 4 dollars to my name, I go gamble it away. lol


Posted : 23rd January 2024 1:39 am
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Hi Patricia,

Welcome to the GamCare Forum,

It’s great that you have a fitness journey underway. Many people experiencing gambling harms can find this is productive alternative way to use some of their time and it makes them feel good. It sounds like you are doing well lifting weights regularly and enjoying it. If you enjoy an activity it is much more likely to you will sustain it long-term. I noticed that you said ‘dollars’ in your response to Adams thread so you may not be in the UK. For international information and support with stopping or reducing gambling you may wish to also have a look at

Best wishes with your recovery journey,


Forum Admin

Posted : 23rd January 2024 10:21 am
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Hi Adam, joined Gamcare in June 2020 when my secret gambling was found out. Stopped immediately and haven't gambled since that day, 1321 days today. I go to the gym 3 times a week and it really helps my mental health just exercising. I didn't really lose any weight always about 106-107k, I'm 6ft 4" so can carry this weight ok. It was about 4 months ago I read an article about fat burning and it said the best way was to walk on the treadmill at an incline of at least 10 at 3 mph for 30 mins. I started doing this, hard to begin with, but now I am walking at 15 incline at 3.3 mph and over the last 4 months I have lost 5k so it works for me. I combine this with rowing machine and a few weights. Went this morning and walked for an hour burning over 1,000 calories. I'm 64 and retired so can spend the time doing as much as I want.

All the best

Posted : 23rd January 2024 3:05 pm
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Hi Adam, checking in 


           Monday     131.6kg 

today (Thursday)  129.9kg


Admittedly i have plenty to lose before feeling it, but i am pleased its a good start. 

Posted : 25th January 2024 8:10 pm
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wow lids great start mate

Posted : 25th January 2024 8:20 pm
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And Lynn’s favourite topic - parkrun! Free, fun and social. My favourite day of the week.


 I’m training for the London marathon so hoping to drop a few pounds.

Posted : 25th January 2024 8:46 pm
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New member here! I have recently sought out help for my consistent gambling and I must say, I feel much better than I thought I would! 

during my time gambling, I neglected my mental and physical health and feel they have declined rapidly during my times gambling. 

it may seem small, but I have not gambled in 4 days and I intend to keep away for ever more. In these 4 days I have begun to workout again and have taken up running. I am even considering partaking in a charity boxing match despite my lack of boxing experience! Within these 4 days I am already reaping the benefits mentally and no longer feel the impending doom feeling gambling brought me. 

thanks for taking the time to read if you made it to the end! Any advice on what else to do with my time now that I have stopped gambling would be much appreciated! I never realised how much time I spent actively gambling until I stopped it completely!

Posted : 26th January 2024 10:49 pm
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hi lynn and sif welcome to this fitness thread...... great by both of you.......


Good and bad news from me lynn....... i didnt wake up early enough for parkrun(well i didnt set my alarm)..... but when i did wake up i text a friend and went for a walk.....then walked up town.....then had dinner and walked to my folks....Alltogether saturday i walked 16000 steps....better than a weekday and the same as if id done the parkrun plus exttra im pretty happy.....


Lids i think we should aim to weigh ourselves either every two weeks or at most once a week.....


I had a small pappa johns pizza saturday and a curry today eeeeek done 8000 steps today also sooo pretty good for a sunday.....


Think thats easily 15 mins exercise done today.


Hope ur continuing to do well peeps?


let me know....


lets weigh in thursday morning (lightest time of day morning) then update each other

Posted : 28th January 2024 5:57 pm
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Hi Adam, been a bit busy and just catching up with the forum and diaries.

I weighed myself this morning and was 126.9 kg Started last week at 131.6 , which by reckoning is 4.7 kgs lost.

Sounds unbelievable but i had a lot to lose and i know its going to get a whole lot harder.

I`ve set an alarm on my phone for 1 pm and 5 pm, when i do 5 minutes light exercise, that does`nt sound much but from a position of very unfit i felt it wise to ease in. Being totally honest i have been away for a couple of days during the exercise got sidelined but by accident got 6-7000 steps in walking round the town we went to.

Food, Friday i had half measure of serial, a few coffees and a pizza in the evening, way too much beer but due to being at a gig that`s fine.

Saturday i had a sandwich and a packet of crisps all day 

Sunday half measure of serial, a coffee and later a sandwich and packet of salt and vinegar 

Monday full measure of serial (i was hungry), and a ham sandwich no butter later in the evening (a couple of pieces of fruit as snacks in the day)

Tuesday (today) back to a half measure of serial, a piece of fruit, i have just had a cheese sandwich no butter, a few bits of cured ham bits and another packet of salt and vinegar, since i have done so well i have had a treat of one can of lager.

My plan is to get back on the fitness tomorrow and because of that intend to have a full measure of serial and a meal(maybe fish and chips or even a kebab). 

I know my regime seems a bit weird, but i do intend to get back to proper meals as i up the exercise. My plan now is after realizing how unfit i am is up the exercise by a minute or maybe 2 each week, so as tomorrow 3 x 6 minutes of exercise . Its got o be gradual and sustainable or i wont stick to it.

I have to be a bit careful with stuff due to the tablets im taking and my body has had a lot of strain this year with illness, back in May i was under 100kgs but as my condition was diagnosed and the meds trialed my weight got back upto my usual (ish) 120kgs , but after xmas that rocketed to 131.6 kgs as of last week.

I don`t have any real target weight, just a mindset of to lose as much as i can but in a food  and exercise sustainable way, then try to get sokme real steps in on holiday in March June and July, i love walking and exploring whilst away so 12000-15000 steps a day may be achievable. Anyway im not getting ahead of myself , one hour at a time.


Good Luck to you and anyone else trying to better their health and weight.





Posted : 30th January 2024 11:08 pm
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wow lids sounds like u are really achieiving huge weight loss....... i don't how id cope with such small intake of food but u kn ow ur body and the results seem great......hopefully we can chat about it on chat room... all the best adam

Posted : 4th February 2024 8:27 pm
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8 days later im soo impulsive...... went thru a phase of buying lots of crisps and pappa johns once a week..... friday just gone i bought 6 packs of hula hoops and ate five of them that night then bought a pappa johns small pizza......


Thankfully thru this time every day ive walked between 12000 and 16000 steps...... and i will continue.


So im aiming to eat more eggs and porridge for meals.....


So today i woke up and ate a bananna for breakfast..... then porridge and a coffee for lunch..... then walked round a friends.....two more coffees.....then eggs and bacon for dinner....then another walk.... 14500 steps today.


then weighed myself at heaviest time of day and good news its 89.75 again.....great reading


Lets all do u all doing?

Posted : 12th February 2024 8:08 pm
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89.90 this eve....a bit heavier but not done a lot ofexercise today....roll on tomo back to the grafting....

Posted : 13th February 2024 8:25 pm
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