3 plus years since my last bet update

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Firstly hope everyone is well and doing okay!

I haven't posted on this in 3 years! So for a quick introduction I'm Luke and i am a Ex compulsive and problematic gambler from the age of 18 till my last bet at 21 it started with football betting and ended in student overdrafts and online casinos, i stopped the circle by admitting to my loved ones I had a problem and needed help.

Since that horrible, daunting and confusing part of my life I have had a lot happen. After i put the roadblocks in place to allow my mind to stop thinking of gambling I progressed through university and graduated into my dream job. Since then I've kept a steady income and not bet once. That doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. Its a rare occurrence but when I'm bored that little voice / urge still rears its ugly head. However now im in the best headspace to know how im feeling and combat it with distraction techniques. Also finding out i have ADHD really helped see how it contributed to my addiction and struggles in recovery.

Since my problems I have kept my self ban from gambling and plan to further that ban as to not tempt myself back as i know this addiction isn't as simple as stopping, it will more than likely be with me for life. I have also had counselling  sessions to discuss and explore my addiction to ensure I keep a grip on things.

I wanted to post this to let anyone know no matter what age or situation it can and will get better if you just stick to what helps you. I strongly encourage self banning and reflecting on how your behaviour can not only effect you but your friends and family.

The girlfriend I nervously told my problem to is now becoming my wife and we are welcoming our first child into the world whilst moving into our a first home! 

I will never not feel the urge to gamble but seeing how positively my life has changed since I stopped betting i feel i will never see the point of returning to the self destructive behaviour cycle that once had a grip on my life.

Reach out to loved ones they will be shocked at first but they will support you, one day at a time!

I hope everyone is well and if anyone needs any advice or just a person to talk to I'll keep active!





Posted : 3rd February 2024 11:40 pm
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Im so glad you turned your life around Luke your story is inspiring wishing you every happiness 

Posted : 4th February 2024 10:57 am

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