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Hi everyone,fellow addicts,support staff and all families who are affected from this disease called Gambling.

In my long term experience of being gambling addict 20+ years almost on daily basis I have noticed that almost all of the gambling addicts have very little knowledge of why they gamble,that's the one of the reasons they cannot stop or that they always relapse.

Many of us are still thinking that we take our money (cash) or use money in the bank (online gambling) for one reason and one reason only.That we are on the trip to get the big win or to win some extra cash for a month food supplies,clothing or whatever else.

If you're reading this and you are on of those people I want you to remember one thing,you're not gambling to win nothing.You're gambling because you cannot deal with emotional pain that is buried inside you.Its nothing less nothing more.Every gambler has some issues that he cannot deal with,if its PTSD,some trauma from the past,or he's suffering from some health issues in present,or having very negative view on life.

I've been there,i know what it is to go through the emotional pain on daily basis when you have noone really to tell your problems too.

People don't care about our problems they have their own demons to deal with,their own families,health issues etc etc

My cousin commited suicide not long ago he never gambled,never drink alcohol,no drugs,no smoking.

Met his mother first time in his life when he was 33 years old.

In about 3 months time he killed himself.

Emotional issues that he couldn't deal with

He never told anyone how he felt about it just woke up one day and done it.

Believe me I know few people who done the same thing because of GAMBLING.

RECOVERY is difficult but only first 30-80 days.Your personality will completely change and you become someone you don't know.

Wishing everyone speedy recovery you'll get there if you want to !!!

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Posted : 15th May 2024 8:47 pm
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Dear  Johhnyuk, 

Thank you for sharing on our forum. We are sorry for the loss of your cousin, it sounds a very difficult time.

We are here for you.

Best Wishes



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Posted : 19th May 2024 7:19 am

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