No fun.

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I thought gambling was fun until I realised I had lost so much.

Posted : 16th May 2024 7:10 am
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Unfortunately this is the way it goes! You could bet the value of a house, win double, and will still want more and won’t feel any fun out of it. 
If you want to stop, put all the blocks in place. 
is there anyone you are able to talk to?? 

Posted : 16th May 2024 9:21 am
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It will destroy your life oh you might go on a good run for a week or so but believe me I have been their it doesn't end stop right this minute don't wait till end of the week or midnight tonight .just do it right now this very minute 

Posted : 16th May 2024 2:45 pm
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The only way I could stop was to not carry any cash with me whenever i left the house. If I went out with money I would lose the lot every time.

Posted : 16th May 2024 3:51 pm

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