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Well ive been gamble free since i joined this site on 7th December 2023 ive had massive support and never had any urges until last night i couldnt do anything as i have all the blocks in place thankfully my question is does it ever really go away? I really dont want to start again any advice would be appreciated

Posted : 13th April 2024 2:19 pm
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No, but it will get easier, I promise! 

Posted : 13th April 2024 2:45 pm
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Thank you for your sharing.

Having blocks in place is very healpful yet it jut sets you free from escaping in one way.

For me it was important to understand what my emotional triggers were.

Today I am willing to over come procrastination and justifications.

My emotional triggers were my pains not healed.

My emotional triggers were my fears not faced.

My emotional triggers were my frustrations due to my unreasonable expectations of people life and situations.

By me having unreasonable expectations of people life and situations I was effect causing myself pains time and time again.

My emotional triggers were my feelings of loneliness due to my fears of emotional intimacy.

My emotional triggers were my feelings of being bored and knowing that procrastination is very unhealthy for me. I can be honest today with out being cruel or adversely affecting other people.

I can embrace change towards healthy habits today.

My unhealthy reactions to people life and situations indicated that my hurt inner child was not healed.

My unhealthy reactions in anger, resentments, impatience intolerance, jealous, envy, rage, lack of trust, guilt shame regret remorse penance person pleasing vengeance mistrust with low self worth, low self esteem indicate that I am not fully healthy and am not at serenity with myself today.

Dave L


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Posted : 13th April 2024 3:20 pm
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Posted by: @cpparch

No, but it will get easier, I promise! 

What gets easier ?


Posted : 13th April 2024 4:29 pm
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@gadaveuk I was struggling with gambling till I talked to someone that helped me to overcome gambling.

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Posted : 14th April 2024 2:14 am
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Evening Anxious58 @mfkn24vzsq

Reading your post was very good to hear that you are gamble free since December 23, that,s great. There may always be triggers and moments where you feel tempted to gamble.


I think from experience its about recognising your vulnerable moments. whether that is paydays, birthdays , Christmas. You have the stops in place so important to really know your own personal triggers. 

Once you know them try to replace those moments with other activities to help them pass. Speak to someone you trust or call Gamcare anytime of day or night. Being Listened to with a non judgemental ear is so helpful as well as chatroom to speak to others that know how you feel.

You have done really well, so keep talking and reaching out. You are certainly not alone.




Posted : 16th April 2024 8:41 pm
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@7snjcr5pz8 How did they do that ?

Posted : 16th April 2024 10:12 pm

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