Day 15

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Hi All 

Well i am now day 15 gambling free, Along way to go but i take each day as it comes.

Got my self in to a nice routine even more so at the weekend to take the urge and thinking away about it.

Put some great blocks in with Gamcare and the MOSES scheme which if you have not done its a must. And handed all finance over to my much better half. 

2nd GA meeting tomorrow hoping to pluck the courage up to speak, 

Stay strong all and here if anyone wants to reach out. 



Posted : 13th February 2024 10:24 pm
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Well done Darren, glad you are using tools on this website and also going to GA. I really miss going to GA and I can really relate to when I first joined that I didn't speak up much. To be honest I went a whole year without saying much but tried to join conversations and put my side across as logically as I could.

You are not alone and sounds like you will learn a lot through recovery in all it's forms to better ones self.



Posted : 14th February 2024 1:12 am

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