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Yesterday, I messed up again, trying to win back lost money. But today, waking up to sunshine, felt different. My new job starts soon, a job I'm good at and love, even though it's tough. On the train, heading towards that new chapter, the warmth of the sun and the crisp air gave me hope. A silly thought popped in: "Maybe today's lucky!" I felt strong like I could win, this time, for real.

Today, the pull of the slots almost lured me back, but I managed to escape! Remembering my post on this site acted like a life raft, pulling me back from the edge. Maybe I would have been lucky but today, I truly won.

Reflecting on this close call, I realized something important: feeling good can sometimes trigger my gambling urges. Every time I'm happy or proud of myself, the bookies seem to call my name with the siren song of "just £20 to celebrate." Unfortunately, those £20s rarely stay contained, and before I know it, I've crossed my limit.

But not today. Today, I won against that invisible foe.

It's only the day 1... 


Posted : 13th February 2024 12:09 am
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It’s takes courage to admit when one is on the edge of the abyss to throw ones self back away from it and reasoning how one got on that ledge in the first place. Well done! You’re mind can give itself any excuse to gamble. Knowing ones self helps to understand what triggers yourself and managing and minimising the risks with barriers in place.

everyday is a battle but it easies with time and understanding and you learn you don’t have to fight it at all but don’t be complacent. The journey is long but keep your mind free.


just for today I won’t gamble and make a tea



Posted : 13th February 2024 8:50 am
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It hits hard, that winning streak feeling. Everything aligns, and euphoria whispers, "Today's the day, free money awaits!" Doubt creeps in, but my resolve holds firm. I won't succumb to fleeting emotions and risk throwing away hard-earned cash.

Today, temptation lurked at Wetherspoons. Those shimmering slots sang their siren song, urging me to toss in a few coins. But I was prepared. Cards left at home, pockets empty, only Google Pay remained. "No cash, no temptation," I muttered, a mantra for success. I savored my coffee, ignoring the flashing lights, and walked away. A cigarette, a stroll, and soon, home beckoned. The day stretches on, but my victory resonates: 7 days gambling-free!

Posted : 18th February 2024 12:30 pm

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