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Hi all,was just going back over things in my head.any relapses iv had the last few years.when I would deposit  I would  not even complete  verification. 

Deep down I didn't bother and when losing all I wanted was money  back,but if this happened  I would just continue  in a old enough  and clever enough  to know I'm not gona win but would get shakes almost and look to find one of the few im not banned from to my point is is it like  someone  who physically harms themselves. Is it a form of self harm that I get relieved from then as always  I would look for protection and self exclude. 

Anyway I'm just baffled  knowing I'm not gona win and not expecting  but why did I do was almost like it was only thing that stopped  the shakes or adrenaline. My last relapse was caused  by a previous self exclude  the company  which I had blocked ok Gmail, mailed me saying I'm no longer  excluded after just one month.clever scam and fell for it. On plus side I'm doing much better  and still gamble free.

Does anyone else go through  anything  similar 

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Posted : 1st April 2024 11:28 pm
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Dear Conor,

Thanks for posting on the forum and good to hear things are going well. Feel free to make use of our recovery toolkit options e.g. our new 'Empower Me'

Best Wishes 


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Posted : 6th April 2024 6:27 am
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Well done Conor.  I know exactly what you mean!  If someone asked me to physically self-harm myself, I just couldn’t do it, yet we can mentally harm ourselves in this way!🤷🏻‍♀️.  I would often, when chasing my lost, losses, say to myself, “you know you are going to gamble even higher stakes now and you do know you won’t stop trying until it has all gone and you have nothing left whatsoever and how this is going to impact you for the rest of the month”! Yet I still did it! So yes, I think definitely, it is self-destruction to the next level.  May neither of us think/act like this again. 🙏.

Take care and stay strong. 💪.

Pink Lady. 🍎.

Posted : 8th April 2024 10:45 pm

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