Help: Online casinos spamming me everyday . How to block?

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First of all Gamecare changed my life completely …I’m gamble free since 6th mai 2024 and I’ve  been using GameStop , I excluded myself from gambling till 2029 thru GameStop and I also blocked thru my bank any transaction for gambling.

Unfortunately is this one thing that reminds me every single day that I used to be so addicted to gambling and lost over 100k and they keep spamming me everyday to go back with all kind of offers and accounts that I never created or apply for them.

I’ve searched everywhere to try to stop this messages but can’t find anything to do it. 

if anyone had this problem before and can give me a solution .

thank you

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Posted : 8th July 2024 9:02 pm
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Just close (shut down) the email completely and open a new one. And no excuses - just do it!

Posted : 8th July 2024 11:07 pm
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@mlwofb7exn  Well done with the GF time.  Long may it continue.

UK registered casinos are not allowed to send you any promo or emails if you are on GamStop.  In doing so they are breaking their licence terms.  I would be reporting them or be emailing them to stop.

If you are dealing with unregulated casinos then they will never stop sending the emails.  Much better to open a new email address.

Also I found it helpful to change the google settings on my devices to not allow gambling adverts while I am browsing. It used to be very triggering for me but now I don't ever see any casino ads ever.

Best of luck!

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Posted : 9th July 2024 10:34 am
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Thanks for your reply.

Yes the casinos are are not regulated by the UK gambling commission .

The messages are coming to my phone not email and I really hate the idea to have to change my number because of this…even if I block the senders the messages still keep coming .

I guess this goes to show how hard is to quit gambling when the casinos try every trick in the book to get you back on gambling. 
well done to the uk gambling commission to not allow this to the uk registered casinos. 
I feel good about quitting and I have no intention to do it again…I hope they will stop at some point. 

Posted : 9th July 2024 7:49 pm

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