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I was/am a compulsive gambler . Have not had a traditional 'bet' with a bookmaker for over 10 years 

around 4 years ago I transferred a pension pot to a self invested pension and was able to 'invest' in stocks and shares . Have managed to lose it all. 

does anyone else have experience of gambling in this way?

Posted : 21st June 2024 9:45 pm
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@x0mka7wpsh I haven't had that experience.  But I do have experience of stocks and shares and I am a compulsive gambler.

I can absolutely see how investments and gambling can go hand in hand.

I think you should treat your investing in the same way as a gambling addiction.  The same dopamine is triggered and the same response is triggered. 

Look into treatment. It isn't your fault you have an illness.  It needs treating in the same way as gambling or any other addiction 

Posted : 21st June 2024 11:25 pm
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Hello there   Firstly sorry about your financial losses and I can certainly draw huge parallels with yourself

I went down the same black hole on my first time around investing in stocks and shares I realise that what happened to me was when I took control of investment choices I believe that as investors we learn a lot in a short time and think that we are somehow masters in technical money markets 

If we only stay with traditional investment trusts high quality share experts with monthly subscription and only buy their super researched companies plus do not get attached to our holdings and sell when advised to then we have a chance of above inflation returns 

I truly realise that I got to smart studying companies in depth and it led to downfall of my money pot

Best MH

Posted : 22nd June 2024 9:30 am

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