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Was thinking id start a new diary at the 4 years gamble free mark......Im thinking as i sit here why not now? im in a reflective mood tonight and am only 4 weeks away from that milestone......


Just turned my heating on for the first time this year.....ive organised my bills onto a fixed tarriff for energy for a year.......i was hoping to last a bit longer not turning the heat on but in all honesty my folks and people at work say its better to heat the property for damp on clothes and walls to keep them happy ive turned it on tonight.....ive just got it on in my bedroom tho and it is getting nice and toasty....ill turn off in an hour and get wrapped up in bed...well im actually already in bed but u know what i mean.


4 years.....blimey such a long period of my think same amount of time as high school....So where have i come to in these 4 year of my life...... ive come to become independent in my flat....ive decorated and bought many an item for it....ive got all kitchen things microwave, toaster, kettle, fridge cooker ive bought new tv new xbox new sofa new accent chair new bed new clothes ive purchased subscriptions for xbox and tv now tv sky sports etc.....ive bought plants for the garden...all these things have made me feel at home and relaxed in myself and where im at.


Work is a big part of my life and gives me fullfillment to know im helping out....keeps me busy throughout the weekdays....and gets me to meet 2018 i was stuggling with gambling.....going out to gamlbe every night and thus my worklife struggled....i was put on performance management and i think they wanted to get rid of me.....i blamed this on my manager but in all honesty if i wasn't out to all hours focusing on this gambling and cards in pubs id have been in bed at reasonable hours each night and not focused on it and more focused and refreshed at work and my work life would have been better.... But it came to the conclusion of a breakdown and episode of mental health after a large loss and a period signed off work......6 weeks away from work and a fresh approach to life really helped me and my work.  I'm more focused on work nowadays......i do the work newsletter.....try to help collegues with their finances, stress relief, jokes, interviews ..... all in my own time..... but i enjoy to make an input to it...... Im now happilly working 25 hours a week.....i do do some weekend hours on reception but usually just 930-3pm each weekday......


I've learnt to manage my money thru these 4 years.....i now keep a balanced approach and look at this thru my spreadsheet that i input into each day..... I luckily due to this hard saving over the last 9 years no longer have the financial stress that soo many others soo thankful for that as its one thing less to worry about thru everday living.  The main reason for this is that i only have to feed, house and clothe myself.... ive no altho id love some this makes it easier for me indeed.


So heres to a fresh new diary ..... for the next year i hope of being gamble free!!!! adam xxx



Posted : 4th November 2023 10:34 pm
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Adam sounds like you are on it. Keep it going 🙌

Posted : 4th November 2023 11:24 pm
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cheers dave

Posted : 5th November 2023 12:06 am
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Well done Adam, really enjoyed reading that, you are amazing.

Posted : 5th November 2023 8:11 am
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cheers cheeky

Posted : 5th November 2023 7:40 pm
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4 days later here i am halfway thru another week.....been eating at my folks this week as not got a cooker at the mo.....Very large meals lol....not used to it anymore....had some nice food tho.....Theyve got real xmas trees in waitrose already......ive got mine still in my garden from last year....i cant bring myself to take it out the garden and into my lounge as i think trees prefer to be outside..... So im going to decorate it in my garden and put some lights on it lol......


Just literally plodding along at the mo with regards to work...everything going fine no dramas at mo which is good.


Kitchen going well took the cooker to the dump and my mum has made a template for the kitchen floor to use to do the vynall...all going well should do it saturday sunday then buy a cooker next week....


Al the best adam


Posted : 8th November 2023 9:33 pm
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11800 steps today.... pretty good happy with that.....winters about hibernating for me in a way.... i love summers but winters i can do without....oh well its only the beginning.



Posted : 9th November 2023 6:25 pm
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Hello Adam123,

Well done for nearly 4 years gambling-free!

Keep up the amazing progress. It sounds like you will have a good Christmas-time with family.

Wishing this to continue for you into the future,


Forum Admin

Posted : 10th November 2023 4:17 pm
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hi Louise 😉 thank you for the lovely post.....


Last night and today was super productive.....been doing my kitchen up.....doing the vynall flooring today..... my mum and i are no experts but we are doing a pretty good job and are a good team.... going to hopefully finnish it off tomo then can put the blinds in and get the new cooker in(the cooker hood has already been put in).


Today im thankful for my mum and dads help.....really been good to do up the flat on a budget rather than paying for tradesman....


All the best adamxx

Posted : 11th November 2023 7:57 pm
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I've been on gamcare for 8 years now and that works out to 2900 days, and my last post was my 2702 post lol ive almost posted everyday since i joined..... now with this continued participation on this site has come great progess....for anyone starting out i really recomend coming on gamcare as much as u can and if u fail to stay gamble free so be it just keep coming back till you get it an example that altoh it is very difficult to stop it is possible even for people who really struggle to succeed.


My boss is off sick again ....diarhea this time...both the other two members of my dept were on holiday today so i was on my own.... Alot to do but i managed it...done 11616 steps in the 5 hours an 14600 steps overall today... great for the exercise but my legs were sore after weekends flooring work so it was made harder....i will rest now till tomo then will hopefully feel better.


Got next monday to wednesday off....will look to finnish my kitchen off..... no football on as international break..... tuseday and friday is internationals i think will have to look up.


Just over two weeks til li hit the 4 year mark...really looking forward to it...

Posted : 13th November 2023 8:11 pm
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five days later and im on my first day of five on holiday




going to hopefully finnish kitchen by monday then rest for a couple of days.


I dont know who was here when i had the horrible evening round my flat where an old friend came over and ruined my evening....well they might be going to an xmas drinks thing ive been invited to....will just prob give it a wide birth....


recovery still going well.....everything in place for a lovely christmas and new year celebrating my four year mark in style.

Posted : 18th November 2023 9:25 pm
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Just been out for a curry with a friend.....was a lovely meal....didnt eat too much usually i order too much and go home feeling too i ate a tikka masala and half a naan but didnt get any rice and didnt finish the main and i still feel very full but not over the top....was a lovely meal and only cost 15 pounds including the tip.... Its good as they dont serve alcohol and you can bring ur own drinks in as they dont serve many drinks....i took in a relentless caffiene drink and was buzzing through out the meal....was nice to catch up with a friend....and enjoy my holidays days in style.


I've successfully finnished my kitchen floor (would love to post a pic) today....well my mum done most of it.....but it was a team effort...


Then tonight before the meal i saw spurs had a sale so i got a door matt and jog pants for me for xmas from my mum and dad..


lie in tomo....then a coffee and a walk.....might go to a national trust place....


this afternoon was halfway thru holiday and i have done quite a lot.


but to work thurs friday then friends coming over saturday for the city liverpool game at midday.


night xx

Posted : 20th November 2023 10:28 pm
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Hello diary...done some retail therapy today...bought a couple of bits...tomo will buy the new cooker...then back to work thurs...all the best adam

Posted : 21st November 2023 11:08 pm
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Hello dear diary,


Another 5 days have gone past....Recently some close friends have really been struggling due to thie rdependance on vices.... alccohol, weed, mainly, stress from work, the fact we are getting older is no joke.....ive given advice and ill allways be there for them but as lids says u can take a horse to water and all that....they will probably stick with their unhealthy lives.


On a plus side its literally 6 days now until i hit the 4 year mark...i dont know whether itll be an anticlimax but ill defo get there thats for sure.


So next saturday marks the four year mark and ill celebrate by cooking a steak on my new ceramic cooker that will arrive tomo morning.


1460 days without a gamble....i really dont know how ive done it...well ive not got there yet but im thankful for each and every day


I've been spending a bit more than usual but have still had a very good financial month as ive been eating mostly at my folks....ive earnt 1000 ive got a new cooker 450  and 400 on bills then net im 86 pounds in  the plus.....ive also this month been for a meal and bought a jacket and a couple of other biits....ive also only spent 15 pounds (plus 10 standing charge) on my gas so far since ive turned it on.....ive got 130 credit in my account and im paying 101 pounds a month....this month with 4 days left including standing charges its 90 id say ill need the heating more in feb and march so will aim to save that 130 pounds credit for then......then the summer months will be a brezze to get thru.....if i need to reduce ill take less  they cost 50 pence for each one.....with costs me 20 pounds a motnh as some days i have two lol..... i know how to live i hear u say lol....


Ive only topped up my sainsburys card with 20 pounds this month and ive literally spent ten pounds in there....also my freezer is jammed full of food....ive found chicago town mini pizzas 2 for 1.25 again so ive fill half my freezer with them for bargin meals...ive also got some pies over my folks freezer lots of them...probably 20 so ill get cracking on them next month..


Also nowtv have black friday deals so i managed to get the cinema for 18 pounds for six months yay good for my families watching round theirs....ive got sports till march then will watch round friends or on my mobile... my internet comes up for renewal in may so i will see what offer i can get for it far ive watched every sky sports footy game so im getting that again for sure....


All in all im hoping to save/invest in my flat 7k this financial year of the 13k ive hoping to do some more reception work over winter months to and be on bank for them.



Posted : 26th November 2023 7:18 pm
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Well done Adam. Good to chat to you tonight. Keep it going mate. You really are smashing it x 

Posted : 26th November 2023 9:00 pm
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