Admitting that I have a problem!

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I know I have a problem and it’s taken me years to work out why I do it! I gamble to get the negative thoughts out of my head! 
I didnt gamble for 4 days and now the intrusive thoughts have crept back in! 
I start thinking that people don’t like me and other different scenarios in my head! How on earth do I make it stop because I keep failing every time I try to stop!

Posted : 8th July 2024 9:21 pm
Peer Supporter Patsy
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(@mfjex5po6z) Evening loopylou55 


Thank you for your honest post. Negative thoughts can have a terrible effect on our bodies and minds. Have a look on all of the resources on Gamcare to help your recovery journey. EmpowerMe is a self guided resource that you can work through. There is a section on coping with Unhelpful thoughts and dealing with unwanted feelings and urges. EmpowerMe - GamCare 

Its can be a hard journey but it is a worthwhile journey to be free of gambling harm. 

I have supported my son through 9 years of harm and now free of harm for 17 months.


Best wishes 


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Posted : 9th July 2024 6:38 pm
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My addictions and obsessions just indicated that I had certain emotional triggers.

My addictions and obsessions was me being an very unhealthy person.

My addictions and obsessions indicated that I hurt my self and it was self abuse.

Just for today I do not want  to go back to the unhealthy addictions and unhealthy obsessions.

I understand that by going back to the unhealthy addictions and unhealthy obsessions I made things much worse and more painful in my life.

Dave L

Posted : 9th July 2024 9:55 pm
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@mfjex5po6z well done on your post.  Many of us, if not all, have gambled to escape other issues that we may face.

Feelings of being rejected or unliked could drive someone to gamble as when you gamble these feelings will fade into the background.

I certainly used gambling as an escape from feelings of stress.  It was as though everything else shuts down and it is just about the joy ride of the bets.

You need to find other coping mechanisms when these negative thoughts creep in.   Maybe talk to your GP and defo reach out to those around you for support.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy could really help you.

The thoughts and imagined scenarios are just that....  Thoughts and imagination are not reality.  There are ways to turn your brain around so it doesn't so down that road.  

Keep us posted!


Posted : 9th July 2024 11:07 pm

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