Nearing 50 days gamble free

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Good morning everyone, 

Especially the people that take time out of there day to reply. Weirdfish - Pinklady - Tazman. 
Well as 50 days approaches and so many botched attempts at being gamble free over the last 9 years, I can safely say I have never been so determined and ready to beat this once and for all. 

With myself I had reached that point where I couldn’t borrow anymore, declined loan applications due to my massive debts, no equity in my house to borrow on, maxed out credit cards the list goes on. I am grateful that I had finally reached that point where enough is enough and this hideous addiction has to stop once and for all. 

Take care 

Posted : 10th July 2024 7:37 am
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Hi King. It is actually a positive and a great feeling when we finally do think that “enough really is enough”! This is what happened to me this time around.  Today, I hit my 100 day milestone.  I don’t really see it as a milestone - just another successful g.f day. I am however, going to use this day to set myself some mini goals. 👍.

Keep going King. Your life will be so much better without being part of that vicious gambling cycle. 💪👊🙏.

Pink Lady🩷🍎.

Posted : 10th July 2024 10:31 am
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Just for today I will not gamble.

Keeping to a healthy life is far better than self abuse addictions.

Dave L


Posted : 10th July 2024 3:49 pm
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Amazing work mate. 50 days is just the start. Keep that focus and you reap the benefits.

Let’s live the life we want, not the one we think we want.

Stay strong 💪 

Posted : 10th July 2024 9:30 pm

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