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SIX MONTHS GAMBLE FREEE! Best decision iv ever made and i feel absolutely great for it, dont miss it and dont even think about it! Can actually enjoy my money! If your struggling just keep going!

Posted : 25th June 2024 1:39 pm
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Well done New Beginnings 👏👏👏👏👏. It’s so good when we remove ourselves from that cycle and then see and reap the rewards that come with it.  Keep going and keep abstaining and maintaining!

Best wishes,

Pink Lady🩷🍎.

Posted : 25th June 2024 4:10 pm
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wonderful..my journey is just beginning with a bad scratchcard habit..which I want to stop..its taking to much money of me

Posted : 27th June 2024 9:53 pm
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Well done New beginnings.  Keep going. Waking up each day knowing your head is clear.

Amazing achievement



Posted : 28th June 2024 3:32 pm

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