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After long recovery of being gamble free for years,I came to the one conclusion and one conclusion only.

Looking back at person that I was and how many people I lied to,didn't care about,how many relationships I have lost because of gambling and 20+ years of my life.I was completely obsessed with any type of gambling

When i went to the pub to have something to eat i choosed cheapest food menu that there was but i was happy to chuck money inside the slot machines at the same time without blinking an eye.

When i self.excluded myself with moses and i couldnt place a sport bet i sat in train and travelled like 5 hours to  so i can waste money and go back on the train home.literally crying.I wont go to all.stories its absolute madness the things I've done when I was gambling

You either want to stop gambling for good and will stop gambling from your own will like I did

Or you will carry on feeling sorry for yourself on daily basis and say each time I've done it again what an ...whatever I am

My life have never been better.Come back to gambling one day.?Hell no.Not interested even if they paid me to do so.


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Posted : 23rd May 2024 5:42 am
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@wbr9jcpn3y  Evening Johhnyuk


What a great post of joy and commitment. 


I know from supporting my son who gambled for 9 years solid from 18 until 17 months ago. He had to hit rock bottom feeling totally hopeless one day and not wanting to face the world du to all the hurt he caused to himself and his loved ones.

Hard work and daily reflection gets him through and how powerful that is?  

I love to see posts like yours that gives hope to others that are right in the middle or start of their recovery journey.



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Posted : 23rd May 2024 6:05 pm

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