60 Days Gamble Free ( Feel Empty )

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first time I have posted on here but maybe speaking with like minded people might get me over this bump in the road.

i am 58 days gamble free today and i would say just over the last week i have become what I would describe as flat and distant, I am always the life and soul of the party but I have a real lack of energy and feeling a lot more tired than normal.

i know i have heard people say this before but i have been an addict for 12 years and it feels like i have been in prison with a set regime for that period and now i have been released and don’t know how to cope with the freedom. 

just wondering if anyone else went through this around this 60 day mark i have joined the gym this week i feel great at work but when i come home on an evening or on a weekend i am so irratated and distant i hate the free time and i end up arguing with my partner almost everyday for nothing. I really feel for her having to put up with this but i can’t seem to shift this way i am feeling. She has control of my finances which I am so thankful for but I feel if I still had access to my money would have relapsed this week just so I could feel something.

Posted : 23rd June 2024 3:03 pm
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Hi mate firstly well done for 58 days g/f thats a great achievement am currently on day 349 coming close to year for me it took a while to completely reset i found the first 3 months tough which was longer then expected i wasent able to concentrate on anything and i was finding it difficult however i kept pushing on after that period i slowly started enjoying stuff it took a while however it paid of in the end has i have found new hobbies and interests the early days i was doing stuff for the sake of doing it but not really enjoying anything 

Posted : 24th June 2024 12:54 am

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