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I've just seen the most evil gambling industry trick yet. Sat on a social media platform,  watching a few shorts, or reels, as they are sometimes called- and a new reel goes "not on Gamstop!" within the first two seconds.  They are advertising themselves specifically to people who have gamstop. 

Absolutely disgusting.  Just want people to be forewarned to decide whether they want to watch these reels anymore. 

Also, all of my experience with non-gamstop websites have been that you cannot withdraw anything so you cannot win. There's literally no point using them. They will give you a welcome bonus but it states in the small print that you have to wager 200 or sometimes thousands of times what your bonus was. 

For example,  if you got a £50 bonus, 200x that, is £10,000. You will never be able to win.

Posted : 10th July 2024 3:49 pm
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The gambling industry is there to make a profit.

The gambling industry did not hurt me I hurt my self.

The gambling industry did not make me lie I did that to my self.

For me gambling was a form of emotional escape.

For me gambling was a form of an adrenaline rush which was very much fear based.

Just for today I will not gamble no matter what happens in my life today.

Healing love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham

Posted : 10th July 2024 3:54 pm
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Dave L... Really?!?...

To address the issue OP @freda I had the same problem and I found it very triggering.  

You can stop this by changing your 'Ad preferences' on the social media platform and you can remove gambling advertisements.  You can do this on Google as well. 

It really helped as I got sucked into gambling more than once due to ads and videos of slots that kept coming up on Facebook.

If you are unsure how to block these ads just google how to and there are plenty of instructions.

I now never see anything gambling related online and it is very freeing.

Posted : 10th July 2024 5:51 pm
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Thanks, Dave. You are correct that we, ultimately, have the responsibility for our own choices. I personally think it just makes a recovery day a bit harder, if you're given temptation somewhere you don't expect it. It can trigger a lot of urges that otherwise wouldn't have arisen.

It's not a space I ever thought I'd see something like this. I thought I was safe from gambling adverts in this particular social media space. 

I mean, although we are responsible for the decision to gamble, we don't sit in harms way all day, in bookies or arcades.

@thebean thanks for the practical advice on removing this from my social media space.

Posted : 10th July 2024 8:03 pm

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